Health Coaching & Meditation with
Nikki Wilkinson

Nikki's fitness journey started in high school as an athlete and student of yoga. During times of stress she would return to these practices and realized that the combination of physical and mental exercise positively impacted her daily life in immeasurable ways. This is why she chose to approach wellness as a lifestyle and share it with others, in hopes that they too would find the powerful changes that she did.

As a coach, Nikki's purpose is to help you reach your goals, usually through a customized plan of mental practice and physical exercise. She aims give you the tools and guidance to overcome perceived barriers, encouragement when things get difficult, and reminding you that working outside your comfort zone provides you an extraordinary opportunity for growth. It is Nikki's sincere intention that everyone she work with feels empowered and accomplished. 

Sessions are available in-person or via videoconferencing. 

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Personal training: $70.00 per 60 mins OR $55.00 per 30 mins
Meditation : $20.00 per 15 min session

May be combined with 45 min personal training session for $70.00