Well Mama Holistic Perinatal Mental Health Consultation

Fees: $225.00 per session

For women who are pregnant, postpartum, and breast feeding looking for holistic mental health care...

Are you pregnant, postpartum, or breastfeeding? Do you have a history with peripartum mental health concerns? Do you want to explore non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical options to manage your mental health?

This no-obligation, 90 minute consultation that may be completed in your home if living in Central Oregon or in either of our Sisters or Silverton offices.

Additioinal sessions may be added if desired.

Topics covered during the consultation:

1. A thorough review of psychiatric and medical history

2. Social history including abuse and trauma history

3. Nutrition & supplement recommendations during pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and lactation
4. Stress analysis and mindfulness techniques

5.  Review of psychiatric medications if applicable and recommendations for non-invasive treatments.

6. Sleep hygiene tips for mother and baby

7. Information on environmental pollutants that may be harmful to mother and/or baby

8. Information on local resources
9. Information on lab testing that may offer insight to concerns

10. Introduction to functional medicine and holistic mental health

11. Recommendations for future treatment and support plan